Communion in Troas

We can read about an interesting worship service in Acts 20:7-12. Paul, Luke and their traveling companions were in Troas. There the believers came together on the first day of the week to break bread, as was the custom for worship in the early days of the church.

Paul talked on and on. (We have all heard those kind of sermons and communion meditations, haven’t we?) A fellow named Eutychus drifted off to sleep, fell from the third story of the meeting place and died.

I have put a few people to sleep with my preaching, but the worst consequence has been some loud snoring. To my knowledge, I haven’t killed anyone…yet.

Thankfully, Paul was able to bring the young man back to life. They went back upstairs and broke bread.

Then, Paul kept talking until dawn. I suppose the miracle enabled him to keep people’s attention. It was indeed quite a remarkable time of communion.

Today’s worship services are shorter and less spectacular. However, let us remember that there is still life-giving power in the blood of Jesus!

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2 Responses to Communion in Troas

  1. Paul says:

    Tom, thanks for your blog! I started reading recently and your posts have become a daily staple. I appreciate your consistency and you sharing God’s word to the world.

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