Heed the Warning!

Evacuation-&-Shelter-Signs-92917-baI used to live in a town that had once been devastated by a tornado. Even decades later, people still talked about the storm that had flattened almost the entire town. They taught their children and grandchildren to watch out for severe weather and to take cover whenever threatening weather approached. When the tornado alarm sounded, people headed for their basement. Those who had no safe place to go would rush to the church building, which was always opened up to welcome those who were seeking shelter from the storm.

Not everyone pays such close attention to storm warnings. I was interviewing with a church a few years ago when a tornado siren sounded in the middle of our meeting. I was accustomed to seeing people drop what they were doing and scurrying for cover when they heard this kind of warning. However, these folks had not personally experienced a devastating storm. They made some lighthearted comments about the weather, and we continued with the interview.

The Bible continually teaches us that the wrath of God will one day be poured out on the ungodly. This warning is not to be taken lightly! Heed the warning! Take shelter in Jesus Christ! Only he can keep you safe from the storm that will surely come one day.

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