What He Really Likes to Do

horseA farmer once boasted to his neighbor that he had a horse that could tree squirrels. The neighbor had never heard of anything like that, and he said he wouldn’t believe it unless he saw it with his own eyes.

“Let’s go over to my place right now,” the farmer insisted, “and I’ll show you.”

So they got the horse out of the stable and let him loose in the nearby woods. He ran ahead of the two men, and by the time they caught up with him, sure enough, he had run a squirrel up a tree.

“How about that!” the neighbor remarked.

Then the farmer led the horse to a different part of the woods, up on top of a hill, and let the horse loose again. In just a short time, the horse had treed another squirrel.

“That beats all I’ve ever seen!” exclaimed the neighbor. “Let’s take him down by the lake. I’ll bet there’s all kinds of squirrels there.”

“He won’t do any good down by the lake.”

“Why not?”

“When he gets close to the water, all he wants to do is fish.”

Jesus calls us to be fishers of men. Are you passionate about that?

“…Then Jesus said to Simon, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will catch men.”—Luke 5:10.

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