What Do You Remember?

Brandon Bostick

Brandon Bostick

Green Bay’s Brandon Bostick had a chance to help seal a victory for his team in the NFC championship game against the Seattle Seahawks yesterday. The Seahawks attempted an onside kick in the closing minutes of the game. The ball came right to Bostick. All he had to do was catch it and fall down and his team would almost certainly have been able to run out the clock, win the game and advance to the Super Bowl. However, the ball went through his hands. Seattle recovered it and marched down the field to score. The Seahawks eventually won in overtime.

The television cameras kept zooming in on Bostick as the game came to a close. Pictures in the newspapers will also be reminders of his costly mistake.

It seems that the devil loves to remind us of our biggest mistakes. He keeps bringing up times in the past when we have dropped the ball. Satan wants us to focus on our sins, even though they have long been forgiven.

But Jesus wants us to remember that he paid the price for our sins. He wants us to focus on his atoning death on the cross.

So, what do you recall most often? The sins that the devil wants you to remember? Or the forgiveness you have been given through Jesus?

“…Do this in remembrance of me.”—Luke 22:19.


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