Still Going Strong!

It is a great achievement in golf to be able to shoot your age. Few people ever accomplish this feat, but Sid Beckwith, of Clermont Florida, has done it over 1,000 times. He first shot his age when he was 72 and scored a 71. Since then, he has duplicated that feat with machine-like efficiency. At the age of 96, he still plays golf 6 days a week, and he still shoots his age on a regular basis.

Not many people can keep up with Sid when it comes to golf. But we all can remain faithful to the Lord as we grow older.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is how Jacob, also called Israel, worshiped God as an old man. Even at the age of 147 (Genesis 47:28), the Bible says that “…Israel worshiped as he leaned on the top of his staff.” (Genesis 47:31).

It should be one of our goals in life to worship God faithfully until the day we die. Don’t you agree?

Sid Beckwith

Sid Beckwith

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1 Response to Still Going Strong!

  1. John ocull says:

    Amen, and all the more fervently – as we mature in faith and experience more of God’s grace.

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