investingFor the past several years, I have gotten into the habit of checking the status of a certain stock that my wife and I have owned. I looked at it almost every day. It was interesting to see it fluctuate. We were always happy to see it go up; not so happy when it went in the other direction.

We just sold that stock, so I don’t suppose I will be keeping up with it anymore. It doesn’t mean nearly as much to me personally now that I no longer own any shares.

That’s pretty much how it goes with people’s interest in their local church. If they have a lot invested in it, they live and die with the ups and downs of the local congregation. If they have poured their heart and soul into the church, they care very much about its wellbeing. People who have invested their time, toil and treasure in the church tend to pray for it, attend worship services and serve much more than they otherwise would.

It’s just natural that it would be this way. Jesus says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21).

Is your heart really with your local church? If not, you probably need to invest more in it.


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