I’ll Stand for that Man

John Cordle

John Cordle

I recently attended a celebration of the life of John Cordle. John was an educator, but I will remember him most for being the preacher at Aills Christian Church. He was also a good friend to many and a wonderful husband and father. We were sorry to have to say “Goodbye” to him after only 53 years here on earth.

The celebration took place at Aills Christian Church, the building that serves the people that John loved so much. The place was packed. Extra chairs were set up, and still there were people standing. I had anticipated that, and I stood for the whole service.

There were many thoughts and memories shared by various people. One of the most profound statements came from a lady who is a member of Aills Christian Church. She simply quoted John 1:6—“There was a man sent from God whose name was John.”

A lot of people agree that John Cordle was sent from God. We were greatly blessed by him, and he will be missed.

And I was proud to stand up for him.


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3 Responses to I’ll Stand for that Man

  1. John O'Cull says:

    Great tribute to a man of God. I admired the example he set of humility.

  2. Beautifully spoken/written
    Thank you for sharing Tom.

  3. Linda Roten says:

    Thanks for those words, Tom! They are so fitting for the man that John Cordle was. We didn’t get to see John often, only when we visited family on weekends. But just the few times we got to hear him preach and visit with him. he made more of an impact on my life than some people that I have know all my life. You could tell everything about him was genuine. He will be greatly missed. Heaven gained another saint!

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