First Time Apart

teddy bearA 7-year-old girl became terribly upset when she couldn’t find her beloved teddy bear. Her anguish was obvious for all to see. She was so relieved when her long-time companion was finally found.

I was finding it hard to understand why being separated from a ragged old stuffed animal would be so disturbing for the little girl. Then a family member explained that the teddy bear was a gift that her aunt had given her when she was born. She had never known what it was like to live without her precious friend. That is why she became so upset.

Jesus did not know what it was like to be apart from God. He had been with God and equal to God for all of eternity (John 1:1-2). However, at the cross, when God laid upon Jesus the guilt and punishment for all of the collective sins of humanity, Jesus felt that he had become separated from God. He cried out from the cross, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46).

We can only imagine the emotional pain that Jesus felt as he experienced something that he had never known before—separation from God. Realizing the suffering that he endured for our benefit should serve to strengthen our love and commitment for Jesus!

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  1. Thank Tom, I really like this one. We can all use reminding a time and again that Jesus died for us.

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