Love Caused His Death

Toby and Jennifer Norsworthy

Toby and Jennifer Norsworthy

40-year-old Jennifer Norsworthy died unexpectedly from a blood clot on April 22. Her grief-stricken husband, Toby, was so traumatized that he died of a heart attack 24 hours later. Family members are certain that the stress of his wife’s death was too much for him to bear. Ricky Self, an associate pastor at Toby and Jennifer’s church, said, “Toby loved Jennifer. She was his world, and so he was of course heartbroken when she passed away.”

Jesus was heartbroken to see us dead in our sins. He loved us so much that he chose to die so that we could be saved. It was his love for us that led to his death.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”—John 15:13.


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