Training Is Hard!

Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals is not a big fan of pre-season workouts. When the NFL All-Star retires, one thing he will not miss about the sport is training camp. The rigors of the grueling workouts are not his favorite part of his job. He says, “Training camp stinks when you’re bad, training camp stinks when you’re good. It’s training camp, man.”

Training is extremely difficult for an NFL player, but it is necessary in order to prepare to compete against your competition. In order to succeed, training camp is an absolute must.

In the same way, we must train ourselves spiritually in order to be properly engaged in the spiritual warfare that is going on constantly. The Bible says, “…Train yourself to be godly.” (1 Tim.4:7).

Quite simply, God is telling us to hit the gym! We need to do the spiritual training that is necessary to help us become all that God plans for us to be. Read your Bible. Pray. Worship. Serve. Every time that we do these things we get a little bit stronger. I know, training is hard. But it’s worth it. And it is absolutely necessary.


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