Something Bugging Me

insect1_2182Last night I sat on the second row at a middle school basketball game. The game was a blowout, so the people in my area found something else to occupy our attention. Someone pointed out that there was a live insect crawling around on the floor in front of us. We watched to see if he would survive being in that dangerous situation, with players and referees rushing back and forth at high speeds.

A couple of people tried to save the bug during breaks in the action. They deposited him safely along the sideline, but each time he headed back out onto the floor, oblivious to the danger of being squished. The little creature was completely clueless as he scurried around in that precarious situation.

People who are outside of Jesus are often clueless to the danger of their position in life. Without Christ, they are only a moment away from going into an eternity without God. They scurry about in a perilous world, oblivious to their plight—unaware that they could be snuffed out at any moment. Even when people try to steer them to safety by sharing the gospel, they hurry back to their dangerous path.

We need to try to rescue those poor lost souls.

“Be merciful to those who doubt; save others by snatching them from the fire…”—Jude 22-23.

In case you are wondering, the bug didn’t make it.


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