The Worth of a Picture

baptism_imageOver the years I have seen numerous photos and videos of baptisms posted on line. Some are humorous, while others are quite serious. Some depict the sheer joy of the person who has just been baptized.

It just occurred to me that while I have seen many postings of baptisms, I have yet to see a video of someone praying the “Sinner’s Prayer”, or asking Jesus into their heart or raising their hand to accept Jesus “while every eye is closed and every head is bowed”.

Many people think that salvation occurs during one of those man-made traditions. But the fact that it is the act of baptism that is photographed and distributed for all to see makes me think that, deep down, most people realize the importance of baptism in our response to the salvation that God offers freely through Jesus.

Jesus links the act of baptism to a saving faith (Mark 16:16). Peter, who was given the keys to the kingdom, preached baptism for the forgiveness of sins (Acts 2:38). Paul’s account of his conversion reveals that he called on the name of the Lord by being baptized, and it was at this point in time that his sins were washed away (Acts 22:16). Luke, the historian of the church, consistently records in the book of Acts that those who wanted to be saved were baptized immediately. Romans 6:3-4 plainly says that we are “baptized into Christ Jesus”.

The next time you see a picture of someone being baptized, remember the old saying—“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Then think about all the wonderful words the Bible has to say about baptism.


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2 Responses to The Worth of a Picture

  1. Mike Butler. says:

    Im glad you teach baptizm is a must in order for one to get into Christ,we cant believe into him,we cant have enough faith to get us in,but thanks be to God our Father we can be baptized into him!

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