Just Like a Real Companion

The Quobo, available in two colors

The Quobo is a new invention introduced by the Japanese company Yukai Engineering. The idea is to give a person the comforting sensation of having a cat sit on your lap, but without the mess and responsibility of having to care for an actual pet.

This device is essentially a pillow with a tail. When you hold it in your lap and pet it, it vibrates to simulate purring, and it even waves its tail.

The invention was recently unveiled at a trade show. It should cost about $100 when it becomes available next year.

Unfortunately, many people have adopted the same approach when it comes to human companionship. Real relationships are too messy and far too much trouble to maintain. It is so much easier to have friends on social media than to have actual friends. Short electronic messages have replaced deep, honest conversations. Many relationships have become quite shallow and fake.

Easier? Yes. Fulfilling? Not really.

Let’s overcome the temptation to be satisfied with shallow relationships. Let’s strive to cultivate the deep, loving fellowship that we see described in the New Testament.

“Above all, love each other deeply…”—1 Peter 4:8.


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1 Response to Just Like a Real Companion

  1. You’re right. Life is messy, but with God and the love of others, we can make it through it. Thanks for the read.

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