Sober Mind

I just read that marijuana use is now legal in all of Canada. This has become somewhat of a trend in the U.S., with certain areas legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Parts of Colorado have made this their policy. When my wife and I were in Colorado a couple of months ago, we saw some cards for sale with a thimble-sized flower pot attached that said, “We bought you a little pot in Colorado”.

While some see the legalization of marijuana as a progressive step in the right direction, others are concerned about the overall mindset of the culture when it comes to staying sober. I saw a couple of teenagers at a high school football game wearing T-shirts that suggested this may be a problem. One was promoting the consumption of alcohol—the other was promoting the use of marijuana.

The Bible consistently urges us to avoid drunkenness. 1 Peter 4:7 says, “The end of all things is near. Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray.”

Time is short, my friends! We have much to pray about. Let us do so with clear and sober minds.


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