Sad World View

I recently made a trip to the hospital to meet a newborn baby. As I made my way through the parking garage, I noticed a Darwin fish on the back of a car. If you don’t already know, the Darwin fish is a response to the Jesus fish that some Christians put on their cars. The Darwin fish has the name “Darwin” in the middle of the fish, and the fish has legs, suggesting that mankind is not a result of God’s creation, but a result of a spectacularly unlikely series of fortunate accidents that must have happened in order for molecules-to-man evolution to have taken place.

That is such a sad world view. Where is the hope in Darwinism? The thought that we are here by accident leads us to conclude that life has no real meaning, and that our future is uncertain. Christianity offers a much more hopeful outlook on life and eternity, and is also a more reasonable position to take.

I wondered why the owner of that vehicle was at the hospital. Most people were not there for a happy reason, like I was. Most were there to face a major health crisis—perhaps even an impending death—of someone they loved dearly. To face such a crisis without the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ is a tragedy!

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”—Genesis 1:1.


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