One-Issue Voter

I am a one-issue voter, and I have been for many years. I always vote for pro-life candidates in state and national elections. Some may say that I should widen my focus, but nothing has deterred me from this standard for choosing candidates worthy of my vote.

First, let’s lay the biblical groundwork for a pro-life position. Psalm 139:13 says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Life obviously begins at conception. Then, of course, there is Exodus 20:13—“You shall not murder.” No one is to ever take an innocent life. It’s right there in the 10 Commandments. Just from these two verses, we face the undeniable truth that abortion is wrong. Those who want to stand for God must defend the right to life. Anyone who has failed to do so in the past can come to Jesus for forgiveness if they repent of doing wrong and accept him as their savior.

I have noticed that political candidates who agree with me on the pro-life issue also tend to agree with me on other important issues. This makes it even easier to choose them over pro-abortion politicians when I go to the polls.

Pro-life people tend to favor capitalism over socialism. They understand the value of hard work and they know that part of what has made America great is that industrious people are rewarded for their labor. Nations who have ignored this principle and have tried to redistribute the wealth—thus rewarding people for being non-productive—are paying the financial consequences for this huge mistake.

Secondly, pro-life people appreciate a strong military. They understand that the job of the government is to protect its people (Romans 13:1-7). Along with this, they appreciate the men and women in law enforcement. Instead of defunding the police, they want to defend the police. While we have some important work to do regarding racism and social justice, the vast majority of our men and women in law enforcement are wonderful human beings who are willing to take great risks to keep us safe. These officers are worthy of our admiration and support.

Third, pro-life advocates usually support secure borders. They know that legal immigration has been part of the backbone of the United States. On the other hand, illegal immigration is a serious problem that gives birth to various other serious problems. It is in the best interest of the nation to work to secure our borders.

Additionally, pro-lifers tend to be more fiscally responsible with taxpayer’s money, although lately politicians on both sides of the aisle are showing tendencies to spend recklessly.

In summary, I like my system of choosing candidates by their position on the value of human life. I make it my business to know their position before I go to the polls and I reward them with my vote based on their acceptance of God’s word on this all-important issue. I urge you to join me in going to the polls and voting your values every time you have the opportunity to do so.

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2 Responses to One-Issue Voter

  1. Rick Hughes says:

    Tom, in regard to your previous post: I have read the Bible thru for many years. It’s quite easy. I have a One Year Bible (available in hard copy or online). Every day there is a reading from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. By the end of the year I have read it from cover to cover. I might add, every year I find something new. God’s word never gets old. God bless

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