The highway department recently put in a much-needed guardrail along a stretch of road near our house. My wife asked me if I had noticed it. I had not, even though I had driven by there a couple of times since it was installed. I also failed to notice the new guardrail the next couple of times I drove by. Finally, I did notice this new addition to our highway, a fine safety feature to protect people from getting seriously hurt if they happened to run off the road.

God puts spiritual guardrails in our lives that protect us even when we aren’t noticing them. The Scriptures instilled in us help to prevent us from making wrong decisions. The Holy Spirit guides us away from sin. The influence of godly family and friends keep us on the right road.

One important guardrail for a Christian is the Lord’s Supper. Regular participation in communion will keep us on the Lord’s highway and help to prevent us from suffering spiritual harm.

“On the first day of the week we came together to break bread…”—Acts 20:7.

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