Seeking Jesus

Church signs are an excellent source of wisdom. One of the most popular phrases you see on church signs this time of year is “Wise Men Still Seek Him”. Truer words were never spoken! What can we learn from the Magi’s visit to the Christ child (Matthew 2:1-18) that can help us become wiser seekers of Jesus?

First of all, we must know that it isn’t always easy to seek Jesus. The wise men came from a distant land. They didn’t have the types of convenient, comfortable transportation that we enjoy today. They either rode an animal or they walked. They undertook a long, difficult journey in order to look for the Christ child. Jesus never promised us an easy road. He does promise to reward those who choose the difficult way that leads to him.

Secondly, we see that the wise men stopped to ask for directions. Men today have a reputation for never asking for directions. Wise men do! It’s in the Bible! Seriously, we don’t have all the answers. We need some help if we are to find our way in life. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask questions and to accept help from others. It’s all a part of seeking Jesus.

Then we read that the Magi experienced great joy upon finding Jesus. When they saw that the star that had been leading them stopped over the place where the child was, “they were overjoyed”. The world continually offers a various selection of pleasures that always prove to be empty and fleeting. The only true and lasting joy in life comes from being in the presence of Jesus Christ. This joy can be experienced in this life, and is extended into eternity for all who sincerely seek Jesus.

Finally, we learn the proper response of those who come into the presence of Jesus—“they bowed down and worshiped him”. These foreign dignitaries, who were very important and influential in their homeland, humbled themselves before the Christ child and offered him the worship that Jesus deserves. They knew that this was no ordinary child. There was something divine about the one who had been revealed to them by God. They knew that they were in the presence of someone who was no mere human being. They had found the one who was to be called “Emmanuel, God with us”!

Notice too that in their worship they gave Jesus expensive gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. These luxurious items were costly gifts that were fit for a king and quite proper to offer to Jesus as an act of worship. It should make us consider what gifts we will bring to Jesus this Christmas season as we continue to seek him.

O, come let us adore him, Christ the Lord!

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